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Soon to be eighty, Larry King is like the Energizer Bunny with suspenders.

He has a new talk show called 'Politics with Larry King', and this is in addition to 'Larry King Now' on ora.TV and Hulu.

‘Politics with Larry King’ is on RT, or Russia Today, that was started in 2005, and it will be the exclusive U.S. television broadcaster for both programs.
Justin Bieber might need to be quarantined and tranquilized.

At about 8 p.m. Monday, Bieber allegedly drove his white Ferrari at freeway speeds in what is a 25 mph zone, Los Angeles Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

[Justin Bieber investigated for reckless driving

By Tami Abdollah, Associated Press

But at least Mr. Bieber wasn’t having sex while he was speeding.

But 25-year-old Luis Briones was:

Drunken driver 'was having SEX while speeding and caused a crash that sent his naked lover flying out of the SUV' .

After being placed inside a police cruiser, officers say the 25-year-old refused to keep his pants on.

Morgan Freeman wasn’t falling asleep after all: 

'Regarding my recent interview, I wasn't actually sleeping.

'I'm a beta tester for Google Eyelids and I was merely taking the opportunity to update my Facebook page.


Here I am, blogging and blogging, but what I write may someday lose its Constitutional protection:

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, senior Illinois Senator, Democrat Dick Durbin, expressed doubt as to whether bloggers deserve constitutional protection for their work online.

Mr. Durbin certainly resembles his first name.


I have stood at the edge of the Earth's deepest ocean, and peered into its darksome depths, wondering what wonders existed down below.

Now, James Cameron, director of the movie Titanic, has gone there to take a look for himself.

Where is there?

The Mariana Trench:

Seven miles beneath the surface of the western Pacific, the Mariana Trench is deeper than Mount Everest is high.

Read more:

Cameron’s experience will be published in the June issue of National Geographic magazine.











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