Sunday, May 19, 2013



The news hasn’t been too bizarre lately.

Our insatiable palates must be fed.

Since I don’t drink or take drugs (except for my heart medicine), my mind must rely on inner resources, and outer sources.

The world, however, can be quite a (or an) hallucination.


One news source constantly informs its readers of side-boob sightings and pregnancies, and how those women with their pregnancies look from moment to moment.


I don’t watch “reality” shows, and I ignore most of the primetime menu of cop shows, etc.

So I read and write…and pay bills.

My age is a little less than the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan (but I’m the same age as Bryan Adams and Jackson Browne).

And I don’t know why I mention this, but I thought that I would.


The neighbor tomcat, Gary “Micky Mouse”, visited a couple times last week for the first time in months.

He used to visit our Siamese cat, but she was killed by a neighbor’s dog a couple years ago, so Gary didn’t come by much after she was gone.

He used to lounge around with our cat, and sometimes even sleep in her bed.

Gary died two days ago.


The fig tree in the backyard is green once again, and figging out.

The apple tree won’t have any apples again this year, but there will be more pears on the pear tree growing right next to Mr. or Miss Apple tree.

I still would like to grow tomatoes again this year.

What’s going on?

This is beginning to sound like a diary.

It shows just how little there is in the news to talk about.

But here are a few things:


Ariel Castro


NBA playoffs

Lindsey Lohan

Justin Bieber

Tiger Woods

The 2016 Presidential election will soon begin, and then news will become more engrossing.

Until then, I’ll just read and write more.





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