Friday, March 16, 2007


It was like the arrival of Spring when Lakeside Amusement Park had its opening day.
Inside were rides, games, ice cream, cotton candy, hot dogs---and
The Laughing Lady.
She was a big and clownish-looking figure that made a shrill and droll laugh.
She was still laughing when I visited the park a few years ago.
(I never would leave the park until the fat lady laughed.)
Lakeside had a red dome that could be seen for miles away while going up and down (north or south) on Sheridan Boulevard.
This red cupola was a signpost, the symbolic marker for the fun and joy within the park's secure gates.
This dome was like God:
It was always there.
My favorite rides were the bumper cars and the midget cars.
My least favorite rides were the Ferris wheel and roller coaster.
On the west side of the lake were large sucker fish (I guess they were carp) that splashed around with gaping mouths, waiting for popcorn to be thrown into their gullets.
One year I went with Martha Doris on a date to the park.
We went on the train ride around the lake.
When we went through the tunnel we kissed and didn't stop until we came out.
It was indeed a tunnel of love.
On another occasion I had a date with Joann Babbs.
She had firm, volcanic-shaped breasts that had me in their thrall.
She baled hay in summers to develop her beautiful chest.
Another squire got wind that I had brought Joann Babbs to Lakeside.
His name was Dell Shimpf.
He had already tried to beat me up at the junior high school where he and I attended, but my older (and much bigger) brother had taken care of him.
Now, however, he was in the park, and looking for a chance to pounce.
I took Joann on one ride after another to avoid the little thug.
I went on the ride that has a "rocket" at each end.
When it went round and round all of the change came out of my pockets, but my eyes were on Joann Babbs (you can guess where).
I felt a little sick.
I also kept my eyes on the lookout for Dell Shimpf.
And there he was!
I quickly took Joann's hand and we went to the little boat ride.
I stayed in the little boat with Joann and watched Dell Shimpf and his boys watching me and Joann moving in circles in our little boat.
I guess they had better things to do and finally left.
Joann and I left, too.
And as much as I wanted to, I never made contact with her breasts.
The Laughing Lady was still laughing when we left.


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