Sunday, March 18, 2007

Q & A

Is it fair to tie funding for the war in Iraq to a deadline for pulling out the troops?

No it isn't fair.

A deadline should have nothing to do with funding troops who are currently in Iraq.

But this is how the recalcitrant Republican Neo Con robots can get away with continuing a lost war.

Democrats know this, but don't want to filibuster in order to halt funding.

They are more interested in their jobs and re-election.

The Iraq War will continue until aliens take over the planet.

What does it mean when almost half of college students binge drink or abuse drugs?

It means that they like booze (and drugs) more than they like books.

How can Sen. John McCain recapture his maverick reputation?

He can't.

He went too far to the side of the Decider.

McCain's side is now like the Decider's.

McCain's position is a cul-de-sac because the war is already lost.

But he still asserts that there is a chance the U.S. will "win".

McCain's mantra that the job was not done right because there were not enough troops to begin with is wearing thin.

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