Saturday, March 10, 2007


Dick Cheney and George W. Bush knew.

And each wanted to hide from the American public (for as long as possible) the deception of the yellow cake lie.

Scooter Libby was just the nice, decent and obedient scapegoat for the bigger goats.

When this history is written (and history is not bunk), this current cabal of deceivers and connivers will be a sorry page of American History.

But empire-building (and maintaining an empire) has never been without torture, lies and savagery.

Beginning now and continuing until Election Day in 2008, both Republicans and Democrats will defend and take advantage of the Libby verdict.

The jury will stay “out” (and it would seem that the media will too).

By “out” it doesn’t mean that anyone is waiting in the wings to uncover the truths about the Bush and Cheney lies to invade Iraq.

The judge and jury will stay out of investigations and impeachments.

The big and bold talk by the new Democratic majority about investigations and impeachments before the election were empty and insincere words (lies?).

The U.S. is in such a big mess in Iraq that Senators and Representatives are worried that impeachments for the causes of the mess would just make the mess messier.

Drink your milk and eat your cookies.

Tomorrow is another day.

But if Iran is invaded, I’m parking my car and buying that new 10- Speed bicycle.


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