Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Saudi Arabia and Israel (among others) are going to pay the United States billions and billions for military hardware.

The Military-Industrial Complex is a very big business.

In the name of National Security the United States of America has to protect and defend its vital interests.

In the Middle East those vital interests aren’t chickens and cows.

Meanwhile, here in the Homeland, the media is also giving some attention to cleavage.

In this case it is the cleavage of Hillary Clinton.

Boobs and bombs.

How utterly American both are.

We like the biggest and the best bombs and boobs.

(The current administration has some of the biggest boobs in American history.

These are not the boobs that we wanted.)

The more bombs we sell, the more likely bombs will explode.

Is an arms dealer some sort of terrorist that is not defined by us?


If the bombs, missiles and planes are put into the hands of the good guys, then the salesman is considered a good guy.

However, there is no guarantee that the other good guys will stay that way with the bombs, missiles and planes that they have bought.

We may have sold the bombs to some crazy boobs.

Be wary of big bombs and big boobs in the wrong hands.

After all, Gonzales’ impeachable offenses are his superiors’. Gonzales took the orders; Bush-Cheney gave the orders. The litany of Bush-Cheney impeachable abuses extends far beyond those associated with Gonzales, foremost among them of course Bush plunging the nation into a bloody, costly war-quagmire on a platform of fabrications, deceptions and cover-ups again and again, year after year. And Gonzales took the orders; Bush-Cheney gave the orders—a more serious basis for a Congressional demand for their resignation or the commencing of impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives.

Compare the many impeachable offenses of Bush-Cheney with the certain impeachment of President Richard M. Nixon that was rendered moot by his resignation in 1974.

Compare the actual impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton by a Republican-controlled House of Representatives in 1998 for lying under oath about sex.
Granted, Nixon became ensnared in the criminal laws and Clinton was caught in the tort laws. But Bush-Cheney’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” tower in scope and diversity over those earlier Presidents.

Instead of a burglary and coverup, as with Nixon, it was the horrific ongoing war (longer than either the Civil War and World War II) with hundreds of thousands of lost lives and many more injuries and sicknesses.

Ralph Nader
July 30, 2007

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