Sunday, January 06, 2008


The Republican candidates frothed, fought and flailed in their individual pans of political pandering.
But tough talk is not enough anymore.
Actions are more important than words.
But the right words can inspire hope.
The Democratic candidates did the latter.

The topic of Immigration never came up with either Republicans or Democrats.

A squealing and screaming Hillary Clinton made one wonder if this is how we want a future president to sound.
It grated on my ears so much that I turned the volume down to almost zero.
Obama had pinched a nerve and her neurons exploded.

The Republicans are clones of each other with a few nuances. Big money is their big brother.

The Democrats all want the troops to come out of Iraq.
The Republicans (except for Ron Paul) want America to stay there until every camel of Al Qaeda is brought to the slaughterhouse.

Bungling Bush is the big elephant in the room.
A Republican is less likely than a Democrat to become the next president.

One thing for sure, the debate on Saturday night brightened a darkened room with a greater brightness.
Maybe it isn't darkest just before a new dawn.


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