Sunday, January 27, 2008


The happy face.

A cross.

The Golden Arches.

The heart.

The peace sign (the geometric and digital kind).

Astrological signs.

Pronunciation symbols.

Highway signs.

Proofreader's marks.

At a meeting last week I saw two women wearing circle pins.

I almost opened my big mouth to tell them that when I was in junior high school a circle pen was a symbol for virginity.

This world is full of signs and symbols.

The age of computers has increased the quantity of them.

Emoticons are not my own cup of tea.

I prefer words.

What effects does this plethora of signs and symbols have?

Do we communicate less?

Is what we communicate less meaningful?

Are we humans becoming just symbols of ourselves?

Maybe I am taking this too seriously.

I still want a ♥ on Valentine’s Day.


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