Thursday, October 04, 2012


Ronald Wilson Reagan and Willard Mitt Romney had something in common:
They were both actors.
Reagan acted in Hollywood and became President of the United States.
Mitt Romney acted on a debate stage but didn’t become President of the United States.
 He remained a rich tax-dodger.
The left, right, and everyone in between have been screaming bloody murder and extracting hairs from their pates, asking WHY WHY OH WHY was Barack Obama so passive at this first presidential debate?
I have a theory.
First, however, President Obama---as we are hearing him a day after this first Presidential debate---can serve a cold dish of vengeance.
He is already pointing out Mr. Romney’s fibs and falsehoods.
President Obama is not going to let Mr. Romney off the hook---and neither is Big Bird!
And we haven’t heard from Joe Biden yet!
Here’s my theory:
President Obama was not the way he was by accident at this first debate.
He knew exactly what he was doing---and what he was saying.
He wanted Etch A Sketch Romney to continue crawling like the creepy serpent that he his, hissing with his forked tongue, and being more delusional than a George W. Bush.
And President Obama wanted the viewing public to observe Mitt performing without himself intruding.
President Obama is allowing mighty mouse Mitt to boil like a frog in a soup whose temperatures will rise in incremental degrees.
 The soup will not be finished until the conclusion of the last debate, but today, tomorrow and days after tomorrow, President Obama will gradually turn up the gas, and we will all witness Willard writhe and squirm in his squalid soup of mendacity.
Big Bird and the nation are watching.

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