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Saturday, September 18, 2010


The bituminous and bumpy road to 2012 is starting to bubble and boil with trouble and toil.

Of what stuff are ye made?

Who shall we Americans put our trust in next?

To whom will we throw our precious marbles in November and 2012?

Will Ethics ever trump the quest for political power?

Will more or fewer politicians transcend their own thirsty Greed for position and power?

Will the election of new Senators and Congressman in November result in those who will defend and fight for the strapped and suffering poor---for the struggling and stymied Middle Class---instead of defending and fighting for the more than comfortable Super-Rich?

Tax what we consume and not our jobs!

Will fear continue to be the dominant sound that is vomited out of clangorous trumpets?

Will the ranting voices of radicals continue to be louder than the calmer notes of humanity and reason?

I fear for America.

I am fearful not because I believe those---or believe in them---whose arrogant and inflated egos are shrieking...

I am fearful because I fear that a growing number of Americans are suspending their critical thinking, and are now swallowing---hook, bait, and sinker---the radical, ruthless and disingenuous rhetoric of demagogues.

If you can't reach out to or teach people with facts, then just keep scaring them with fabrication!

You betcha!

Americans who are out of work will be voting for CHANGE AGAIN, but the change (and changes) that they are yearning and yelling for will not be as important and propitious as the current (and future) HOPE of the Obama administration.

The Tea-Baggers bellow a lot, but mostly for naught.

Their bellowing is not so much for the majority of the American people---or for social-environmental improvements---as it is for just kicking out an authentic and hopeful American who just happens to be black.
Oh, and one must not forget that their braying is also for the very wealthiest who have feathered their nasty nests.

The bigotry and racism of the Tea Party are more powerful than its humanism, but for the sake of the nation, hopefully they are not more persuasive.

The Disaster of the Bush Decade will not disappear with a Tea Party or Republican victory, but if victory is had, the effects of their return to power will repeat a history that cursed our nation in the previous decade.

I'll take the Hope of Democrats over the Change of the Tea Party and GOP anytime.

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