Saturday, July 20, 2013



Jay-Z will no longer hyphenate himself...

I mean his name.

It will just be Jay Z from now on.

I don’t know, but I kind of liked the hyphen.

It brought the Jay and the Z closer.


This is the biggest news since Snoop Dog became Snoop Lion, or since Prince went from

then back to being just Prince again.


Which makes one ask the question:

 When did Jesus H. Christ drop the H from his name, and just settle on being Jesus Christ?


These rich (and powerful?) stars have a lot of nerve changing their names all of the time.

Most of us have just one name, and we’re lucky if we can keep it.

But, it’s a free country (isn’t it?), and all of us have the right to change our names whenever and to whatever we want.


I have no idea why I use the name Mad Plato.

I enjoyed reading Plato in college, and I suppose one day I said to myself, “The shape that today’s world is in sure would make Plato mad.”

Or maybe I didn’t think that at all.

But before Mad Plato, I used to use Larry Leary, until I saw that there was a reporter in England with that name.

So I quickly pulled another name out of thin air.


I’ve read where Shakespeare spelled his own name in different ways (and I just misspelled the word misspelled, and it got corrected).

Shakespeare was often spelled as Shackespere, Shaxpere, and even Shaeaxsperre.

I guess Francis Bacon didn’t have this problem.

I like some of Prince’s songs, so it doesn’t bother me whether he’s Prince or


I’m not a big fan of Jay Z, so it doesn’t matter either way.

I’m also o.k. with no H in Jesus Christ, though I do at times find myself saying his name with the H.
But as the Bard himself wrote:

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose 

By any other name would smell as sweet…












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