Sunday, July 14, 2013



The 2016 presidential election is quite a few eye blinks away, but Texas governor-gunslinger Rick Perry is already in his saddle.

He's getting ready to ride his horse into Israel.

Everyone who wants to be a candidate for U.S President has to visit Israel.



Rick Perry is chiefly remembered as Mr. Oops, but there were also moments during one speech [] when he appeared to be inebriated or drugged, making weird faces, using peculiar body language, and saying some screwy things.

The rough and tough demeanor of a macho cowboy had metamorphosed into a droll rag doll.

It was Perry’s Howard Dean (scream) moment.

His Oops moment and these other paroxysms bucked him off from his horse early on in his campaign.

America’s memory is about as long as a 30 second commercial, so Perry still has another opportunity in 2016.


The country might be ready again for a President with more swagger---less substance.

Somebody who has grit…someone that isn’t afraid to spit when he strolls across the White House lawn.

The country might be ready to replace a cool basketball player dude that has a good singing voice, with a cowboy who speaks in a tough, pithy, unintellectual lingo.

Rick Perry is a Sarah Palin kind of dude, and more like George W. Bush than Martin Luther King or Winston Churchill.


However, if Americans still have one quarter of their brains left, they still can tell the difference between substance and mediocrity…

 Between a statesman and a demagogue.  













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