Friday, July 05, 2013


Our galaxy could contain 60 BILLION alien planets capable of supporting life - double the number thought before
By Sarah Griffiths


Scientists say Jupiter moon landing best shot at finding habitable world

Published time: August 09, 2013


When God made man She was only joking.

I know Who I am, and so do the humans I’ve Created.

Beings on other planets also know.


Scientists on Earth know that the Creator---Me--- has formed billions of alien planets capable of supporting life.

What they don’t know (yet) is just how many of these planets have intelligent life---some less intelligent and some more intelligent than Earth’s humans.


All of these planets with intelligent life have water.

I’ve also made sure that their aqueous orbs have beer and tobacco; after all, I’m not a Supernatural Prude.


Earth’s humans are getting closer and closer to finding other planets with beings as smart as they are; but as I’ve already said, on some planets the beings will be dumber, and on some they will be smarter.

Smart enough to checkmate humans every time…or dumber than door nails.

I’ve never understood this idiom.

I know I’m supposed to be All-Knowing, but English wasn’t My best Subject in School.


Anyway, humans will soon get their biggest shock when they learn that they aren’t the sui generis (I used a Thesaurus) species that they thought they were.


I need to go.

I’m getting more prayers than usual today.

The day after a holiday is always like this.









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