Thursday, January 25, 2007


What's the story with all of these flu bugs on cruise ships?
What's causing so many passengers to become ill?
The food?
The air?
The water (on and off of the ship)?
I've always wondered what one of these cruises might be like.
Now I wonder if I ever want to find out.
Maybe microbes grow and evolve faster than we can kill them.
But don't blame the microbes.
We are their creators.
We pollute and they revolt.
The microscopic revolutions by these microbes prompt pharmaceutical companies to develop quick remedies---for profits and cures.
Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't create cures or satisfactory treatments.

I've had my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer for more than a year now.
I've used it once.
I think it's time that I start juicing as much as I can.
Maybe I can drown these new and improved microbes
inside the rich anti-oxidant rivers of my blood.
I hope so.
I’m going to the produce section right now.


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