Friday, January 19, 2007


"If God asked you to bombard, invade and occupy Iraq for four years, why did he send an opposite message to the Pope?"
January 17, 2007

"We reserve the right to defend ourselves against hostile attacks and interference with our space assets. We will, therefore, oppose others who wish to use their military capabilities to impede or deny our access to and use of space. We will seek the best capabilities to protect our space assets by active or passive means."
Robert G. Joseph
Undersecretary of State
December 2006

"The War in Space Has Already Begun"
George C. Marshall Institute


China launched a missile and destroyed one of its own satellites in space.
The U.S. plan to own space is now challenged.
The United States doesn't want any nation to possess technology or weapons that are superior (or a threat) to its own.
This makes sense (and cents...lots of them!).
After so many movies and books about war in space, we shouldn't be surprised that space is being exploited for its service in future wars.
If we do not own space, then someone else will.
First in space, first on earth.
The United States doesn't sign treaties that weaken its hand.
Treaties about chemical or biological weapons.
Treaties about regulating carbon dioxide emissions.
Treaties about regulating outer space.

Addictions to money and power will never end.

The sky is the limit.

Or in this case OUTER SPACE.

If George W. Bush can make a mess in the Middle East, he is quite capable of making one in outer space.


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