Sunday, January 21, 2007


This is my seventh State of the Union (but who's counting?).
I am not the man that I was back then.
The country is not the country that it was back then.
The world isn't the same either.
My speech writers have decided that I should stick to domestic issues since I am so stuck in Iraq.
But I will still tell you this:
The United States will not stop its global war on extremism, terrorism, radicalism and liberalism; nor will I take my eyes off of a gathering storm called Iran.
All obstacles are on the table.
Although the United States is stuck in the sand of Iraq, it will stick like glue to its mission to bring radicals, extremists and terrorists to justice.
Sure it's tough in Iraq, but that's why we must get tougher and tougher if we are going to win.
Seventy-one percent of you don't think I'm on the right track.
But you must be patient.
Keep an open mind.
Give me more time.
Give me more blood and money.
Miracles don't occur overnight.
I also want to say a couple words about Global Warming: Chill out.
The ice caps won't melt overnight.
Let the lucrative oil companies continue to have more and more of their soaring profits!
Earnings will trickle down and go into your tanks.
I'm sure that tomorrow's children will rescue the planet from our indulgence and ignorance.
Carpe Diem, America!
The economy is strong.
Freedom and Peace are on the march!
Shop until you're dead!
God bless you.
And God bless America!


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