Thursday, January 04, 2007


"Victory is not an achievable mission."
John Murtha
January 4, 2007

Stop the spigot of dollars funding the Decider Long War President's bleeding and bloody war.

Stop this U.S. president from continuing HIS wrong, wasteful and unnecessary war.

The WAY FORWARD will be a WAY DOWNWARD if more troops are sent to Iraq.

Stop the curse and the course of this president's war.

Congress should fund the soldiers who are in Iraq now.

Congress should fund the soldiers who require any medical treatment.

Congress should fully fund and support the soldiers who finally return to America after their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anything less is a disservice to our soldiers who have been fighting, dying and getting wounded in President George W. Bush's tragic war.

Congress should fund shipment of the best defensive-protective equipment for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But Congress must stop the blank check.

Congress must end this blind war.

Congress must stop this president.

Now not later.



Before the coming of George Bush and his shadow president Dick Cheney, the greatest military blunder in American History was thought to be Custer's Last Stand. It did not take a lot of hindsight to know that general Custer's vain assault on a much larger force of better-armed native Americans would come to no good end. His own turncoat Indian scouts told him the encampment at Little Bighorn was far too large to be attacked. They were changing back into their native clothes en masse so as not to be associated with the white man. But in his supreme arrogance Custer believed that HE knew better than his own best sources of intelligence. We all know the result of that one.

How uncanny are the parallels to the current situation in Iraq? The neocon ideologues who seized dictatorial control of our government brushed off all contrary advice and manufactured intelligence to support their case. They dismissed any challenge to their vision of the absolute power of American military dominance as a matter of right. They fired any underling who dared to try tell them the truth, that deposing Saddam would lead directly and inexorably to an Islamic theocracy, if not a sectarian civil war. They used the power of their crony associates in the corporate media to smear any public critic. And they are still doing it.


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