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“It’s somewhat self-evident that there’s going to be a fairly sizable commitment to Iraq by the U.S. government in all forms for several years.”
State Department spokesman Justin Higgins


I'm thinking about moving to the new Baghdad Embassy in Iraq.
I've lived in Muslim countries before, but never with the luxuries that this billion-dollar, 104 acre embassy is going to have.

"It will have its own water wells, electricity plant and wastewater-treatment facility, systems to allow 100 percent independence from city utilities", says the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee report, the most authoritative open source on the embassy plans. Besides two major diplomatic office buildings, homes for the ambassador and his deputy, and the apartment buildings for staff, the compound will offer a swimming pool, gym, commissary, food court and American Club, all housed in a recreation building.

Well, maybe I won't go.
Although this embassy will be well-fortified, I foresee a time when hordes of angry citizens (not just the current warring sects) will try to expel Americans.

The 105 acres of land belong to the United States (
Iraq’s interim government transferred the land to U.S. ownership in October 2004, under an agreement whose terms were not disclosed. MSNBC).

I can understand why a majority of the Iraqi people no longer think they were liberated by George W. Bush.

It's the same old story of Yankee Go Home.

A war that was started based upon false data now seems to be a war with ourselves as much as with radicals, extremists and terrorists.

It was a Pre-Emptive Invasion, then an Occupation, and now a Civil War.

Thanks to the Arrogant and Smirking Decider-Torturer Long War President and Mr. Pious and Delusional Dick Halliburton Cheney.



Somewhere In Iraq, July 21, 2003

(CBS) In an exclusive interview with CBS News, three men who claim to have participated in several recent and deadly attacks on U.S. soldiers say they're not doing it for love of Saddam -- but instead for God and their country.

U.S. officials blame "remnants of Saddam's regime" -- "dead enders" they call them -- for the unending attacks.

"Are any of you former Saddam loyalists? Work for Saddam? Love Saddam?" asked CBS News Correspondent David Hawkins.

The men all shook their heads
"no" as a translator said, "They just follow the instruction of Holy Koran."

"So this is a religious war?" questioned Hawkins. "It's a holy war?"

"Yes, yes," said one man. "We are farmers. We're Iraqis. This isn't about politics."

The three claim to be the ones who attacked a military convoy last week west of Baghdad -- an attack that killed one American soldier. A Baghdad gun-runner arranged a meeting with them for CBS News.

"Why do you fight? Why do you attack American soldiers?" Hawkins asked.

"This is occupation, so we fight against the occupation," said a fighter.

"You're very upset the Americans are here," asked Hawkins, "but are you glad Saddam is gone?"

"We feel happy now because we can speak freely, but at the same time we don't want Saddam neither, or America. We just want the American soldiers to leave our country," reported the translator.

The Iraqi fighters chose the meeting spot in the middle of the desert -- in the middle of nowhere really, because they felt safe there. They said they know the territory well and the Americans don't.

"All of th
em will die here. We advise them that they have to leave Iraq before they die here," stated one fighter.

Threats from these men won't frighten anyone away, but their fanaticism and fervor suggests that they'll put up a fight -- for some time to come.

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