Sunday, April 28, 2013



Hell, as most of us know, is at the center of our planet, and not down there…

Somewhere or other place.

Heaven is still unknown to us, but not our faith that it, too, is somewhere…

Up there (or out there) some place or other.

Of course, there are those doubting Thomases that don’t believe in either place.


I have just learned that Hell is much hotter than we thought (if any of us ever think about it.) 

After all, we do have our lives to live, and we can’t be hot and bothered about Hell---except on Sundays---which is also known to be a hot day.



Yes, Hell is hot---in fact, it’s hotter than Hell, and it may be hotter than the sun’s surface.

The surface of the Sun is hot – over 5500 degrees Celsius (which is nearly 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit . But if new findings are correct, then the center of our own planet may actually be hotter – over 1,000 degrees hotter than previously thought.

Because the center of the Earth is so hellishly hot, it’s quite unlikely that anyone or anything has ever lived there, except for the sinners who had to go live there.

Their lives are a living Hell because they have to live there:

 In hot, hot, Hell.

The closest we ever get to Hell is when volcanoes erupt, or when Rush Limbaugh is having a very bad day.

Fortunately, we can control one of these things by changing the channel.



































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