Sunday, April 21, 2013




Mother was always right.

“I told you”, she would always say.

 “I told you.”

I know, mom.

I should have done what you told me.

Even at the airport on my way to Afghanistan she wanted to give me her St. Christopher’s medal, but I said no.

I could hear the words “I told you” when I was lost in India.


Here are a few other times when she used these words:

“I told you not to leave the house and play with those firecrackers!”

Fortunately, I only got second degree burns.


“I told you not to take that BB gun with you!”

This was on a hiking trip with my dad and Uncle Ron to find LOST LAKE in Colorado.

  I don’t know whether they ever found it. 

The trip was interrupted when I fell down on some rocks in a stream---holding onto my Daisy BB gun!

 My fall produced an ugly gash on my forehead, and I had to be taken to a medical facility.


“I told you not to buy that motorcycle!”

I begged my mom to sign a paper to grant me permission to buy a motorcycle, since I wasn’t 21.

She didn’t actually say to me “I told you” for this incident, but her words were tossing around in my brain as my bike and I fell down on a gravely, winding road in Sunshine Canyon.

I’m sure there were other times.

When I remember I’ll add them here.












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