Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hurricane winds were blowing.

 Trees were being stripped of their branches.
  Telephone poles were falling down like bowling pins, and wires were writhing and sizzling in the wind.

On this night I was tripping on mescaline for the first and last time.


I had just come out of a telephone booth where I had attempted to call a former significant other.

No one answered.


I was about twenty-five feet away when I saw the same telephone booth shoot off of the ground like a rocket.

Here today gone tomorrow.

I felt wonderful that windy night in Boulder.

But I want to write about Magic Mushrooms , and not about my experience with the Peyote plant.


For a few weeks I tried taking some tranquilizers that had been prescribed to me by a doctor at the university.

I was always nervous.

I didn’t drink alcohol, and wasn’t smoking pot or cigarettes.

Perhaps if I had done one of these things I might not have been so nervous.

But I stopped using the tranquilizers.

I didn’t feel much different when I used them.

So I just stayed nervous.


In my early twenties I became a vegetarian for a year.

I still wasn’t smoking pot or drinking, but I did start rolling my own cigarettes from

I enjoyed rolling and then smoking the tobacco.
I liked the flavor and aroma of the tobacco, which wasn't at all like commercial cigarettes.
It wasn't until I left the United States that I started smoking packaged cigarettes.
That was in 1977.
I didn't stop smoking until 2002, but I still like the aroma of real tobacco (not second-hand smoke!).

(Reuters) - The world's first clinical trial designed to explore using a hallucinogen from magic mushrooms to treat people with depression has stalled because of British and European rules on the use of illegal drugs in research.

Magic mushrooms isn’t good news for pharmaceutical companies that make tons and tons of anti-depressants from which they make billions and billions of dollars.
Just as marijuana is a threat to the manufacture and sales of tranquilizers, magic mushrooms would threaten the profitable manufacture of antidepressants.
There are dozens of different kinds of antidepressants.
Take your pick.
Or rather, let your doctor pick one or two for you.


Or wait for magic mushrooms to become legal, if you can tolerate being depressed that long!

















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