Tuesday, August 13, 2013




Donald Trump and his orangutan hair might be gunning again for the U.S. Presidency in 2016.

To this scary thought, add the name of Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

Mr. Cruz might be described as an ultraconservative demagogue.

Mr. Trump is just an arrogant one.


Jeb Bush is no doubt keeping his eyes and spies alert.

Even Sarah Palin might have some lunar (or lunatic) influence on the stars of the GOP who pine to shine in the next election.


On the Democrat’s side are Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Joe should get off of the train if Mrs. Clinton is on it.

She has two winning qualities that Mr. Biden does not have:

Her name and her gender.

Sorry Joe.


Election time is like Halloween.

There are a lot of tricks and treats, and plenty of scary faces.

Election time is when candidates, like locusts, buzz, buzz, buzz (if that’s the sound that locusts make); it’s the moment when candidates open wide their arms and wallets to corporations who will pay for whatever they wish a candidate to endorse.


The debates are amusing parades and charades.

Every syllable, fly, and frown is televised.

Elections and debates have become expensive entertainment.

Buy and sell, sell and buy.

Everything is for sale.

The presidential candidate has become just another commodity of our Wal-Martian society (and emphasis should be placed on the word Martian.)

Buy and sell, sell and buy.












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