Saturday, August 10, 2013



Write for the people and they will read.

Grow food for the people and they will eat.

Fight wars for the people and they will die.


I accidentally typed this emoticon:


It sort of looks like a smile (or a frown) with one eye.

Or perhaps a bird’s beak.

Oh well.


Our dreams entertain us when we sleep.

Movies entertain us when we’re awake.


In my dream last night I was eating a big tomato that looked like a heart, and so I put the heart-shaped fruit into a frame to make a picture, and then I wrote below it:

“Made by God and me.”


There is a little bug flitting around, and I see it best when it’s flitting in front of my computer screen.  I’ve tried to kill it twice.  I also tried grabbing the little guy with my hand, but missed.  Well, I caught it once, then opened my hand and it flew away.  Maybe I shouldn’t worry about such a tiny creature.  Homo Sapiens sure like to kill.


I like the smell of gardenia, jasmine, and lilac flowers.

Roses remind me of death.


Between strawberries and raspberries I prefer the former.

(Does it bug you when a writer uses the words latter and former, and then you have to remember which is which?)


I know I can find the answers if I do a little research on the following questions:

Why is there straw in the word strawberry?

Why is rasp in the word raspberry?


A woman in my neighborhood has this license plate on the back of her car:









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