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Below are thoughts from John Hogue.
"I will predict this, American people. If I am wrong and the Congress rejects Obama’s war drumming, you still have vestiges of a representative democracy functioning. If they vote to support his war mongering, consider your democracy has failed and you have moved from being citizens of a democratically inspired republic to mere subjects and peons under the rule of a CEOligarchic big business aristocracy. The oil corporations want this war toppling Assad as part one of a war that takes down Iran next. (See Nostradamus Iran.) If your government is “buy” the Corp, of the Corp and political favors for sale for the Corporations supporting this military industrial complex, Congress will support Obama’s strike on Syria as I predict they will later this September."
"The consequence of this corporate-friendly decision of Congress will be a full-scale war in the Middle East over Syria, dragging in the US, NATO and Israel starting as soon as mid-October through November just when the great Comet ISON falling through the skies is seen with the naked eye.
Perhaps it is the comet of the Third Antichrist of Nostradamus, named Mabus, said to be a portent of his coming."


If we don't end war, war will end us.
H. G. Wells

"If a fourth military intervention is coming, it will not be to decisively alter events, which we cannot do, in a nation vital to U.S. interests, which Syria is not. Rather, its purpose will be to rescue Obama from his words."
From Obama is talking America into a war
By George F. Will
August 28,2013

"...the NeoConObama Doctrine as we have already seen performed in Libya, finds a reason to hide behind NATO gravitas and faux international support to bomb the crap out of any dictator the moment the civil war against them falters. You heard it then, you hear and “here at present” Obama now, decrying the need to protect innocent civilians from the evil al-Assad regime. Then like now, Libya or Syria, take your pick, you’ll see both sides committing atrocities to civilians and rather than seek a political solution, the United States of NeoCons will call their choosing sides “protecting” civilians”. They will put lipstick on the about-to-be slaughtered sacrificial “pig” of a regime for their own strategic ends. These ends become a social and political “dead end” waiting in the near future for every nation Americans have attacked without grounds, occupied without international support and left behind a tottering, sectarian violent mess".  John Hogue

It looks like another war is about to come through the world’s war-torn door.

Orwell was right about almost everything, including his idea about perpetual war.


Ever since Vietnam the United States Congress doesn’t vote on a war.

 The chief executive and commander-in- chief decides to start flying the bombs, and they start flying, and people start dying. 


Will a war in Syria let some pressure out of the pressure cooker, or will it explode into World War III?


The military-industrial corporations and cable TV stations will rake in the big dough (again!) when the bombs start flying.


The lies and cover-ups are catching up with us.

The truth about the saying what goes around comes around is true.

America the beautiful…


The foundation and working apparatus for an electronic-military police state are here.

Beware of who you elect in 2016.

Beware of all sitting presidents, especially those who can convince well with smiles and rhetoric.










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