Saturday, December 30, 2006


Saddam Hussein is dead and gone.
His fate was sealed soon after he climbed out of his spider hole.
Fallout from wars of the Bush regime continue, and Saddam Hussein can now hang out with virgins in paradise.
How much better do we feel that a brutal dictator was put to death?
The United States of America is itself still hanging in the balance of truth and justice.
Will the Bush administration ever be prosecuted for any Crimes or Misdemeanors?
Will President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney escape investigation for war that was dictated and prosecuted with fabrication and obfuscation?
We may feel good about the hanging of Saddam Hussein, but we should not feel satisfied until our own leaders are brought to justice for an unjust and unnecessary war.



Robert Fisk (Middle East journalist):
“His execution will go down - correctly - as an American affair and time will add its false but lasting gloss to all this - that the West destroyed an Arab leader who no longer obeyed his orders from Washington, that, for all his wrongdoing Saddam died a "martyr" to the will of the new "Crusaders". (The Independent, 30 December)

The International Action Center ( US ):
“This punishment has nothing to do with the alleged crimes of the Iraqi leader nor is it part of an historical judgment of his role. It is the act of a conquering power against a nation that is occupied against the will of the vast majority of its people.”

Professor Jose Maria Sison (the Philippines ):
“Bush depicts the hanging of Saddam as a part of building democracy in Iraq and even in the entire Middle East . But he is clearly lying in view of the so many authoritarian regimes (including monarchic and theocratic ones) in the region with which the US has good relations. The brutal US occupation of Iraq has nothing to do with democracy. What is important to the US is servility to the rule and profit-making of US monopoly interests.”

Cebrapaz ( Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace):
"The president of the USA , who ordered this act, enters in history as the greatest enemy of the peace and the greatest terrorist of all time. The world will only know better days, of peace and justice, when imperialism and its war politics are defeated."

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