Wednesday, December 20, 2006


"There's no question the military has been used a lot."
George W. Bush
December 19, 2006


You're so right Mr. Long War President.

The soldiers that you put in Iraq for your deceitful and deranged war HAVE BEEN USED.

And the American people HAVE BEEN USED.

A surge of more soldiers will produce more insurgency.

You must be receiving your thoughts from some pinball machine:

Pull the lever and let the balls go where they want to go and that’s where the answers lie.

Barney and Laura may indeed end up being the only two who ultimately support your Great Debacle in Iraq.

Getting the job done is not necessarily victory.

Victory isn't winning when thousands and thousands more die.

A surge will not produce a purge.

It will create more death.

It will incite more violence.

If the Long War President is neither winning nor losing in Iraq (as he now claims), then he is stuck in neutral---and there is no way forward since there is no movement.

It is an impasse that will deteriorate and become more grave (and graves).

The dictatorial rhetoric is devoid of reality and rationality.

It is full of rationalizations and self-delusion.

Sean Penn is right.

You must be investigated and impeached for your crimes.

It is no game.

It is no joke.
It is not a smirking matter.

Your script now says
a new way forward.

But when you're going in reverse (or neutral) you can't go forward.

So put on the more body bags return to the U.S.

Before more war breaks out in the Middle East!

Only when US troops are withdrawn will Iraq move to the next stage in its development. That stage is unlikely to be pretty. It will involve jockeying for position by different religious and ethnic groupings, and the likelihood is that the violence that we now see will continue. Only one thing will change: The Iraqis will be in charge of their destiny. And that change is, of course, the essential one.
That's why the vast majority of Iraqis tell pollsters that the US occupying forces should leave.
It is time to put aside fantasies, and fantastical strategies, and recognize that the next chapter in Iraq's history will only begin when foreign military forces leave.
Strategists in Washington should be developing a plan for US troops to surge homeward, not pushing a scheme to send more young men and women into a hopeless--and deadly--quagmire.

“Surging” in the Wrong Direction
By John Nichols/
The Nation/Posted


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