Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It was raining in Florida during the Super Bowl.
When Prince played at half-time I told my wife that he certainly would play Purple Rain.
And he did.
I thought the stage in the shape of his (former) name (i.e. symbol) was a little excessive.
But no holds were barred.
Out came his guitar for Purple Rain shaped in the symbol (his) for the male.
I missed any guitar symbolizing the female.
Now there is a controversy---a short (lived) one I am sure---about Prince having "gotten away with something" when he played behind that billowing curtain, moving his body and guitar.
Again a little excessive.
It is what the guitar’s silhouette seemed to be showing that is now producing the controversy.
I really didn't notice Prince's phallus behind the curtain at the Super Bowl half-time show.
(The thing that he is accused of having "gotten away with".)
People will stretch the imagination to its breaking point to expand a small detail and make it much larger than it actually is.
Nostalgia must also have been big for another event that would supersede the shocking boob exposition at last year's Super Bowl.
But no boob this year.
Just a guitar that looked like a dancing ding dong.


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