Monday, February 12, 2007


The top secret document was helplessly floating in mid-air when multiple reporters simultaneously grabbed the document before it hit the floor, and the reporters then pondered whether to inform the White House (Karl Rover, Dick Chicanery & Others), who already were aware that the document could bring vengeance upon Joseph Wilson for his revelation of the truth about the Niger-Iraq Uranium falsehood…if only these reporters could think of something...Ah, yes...tell the world that Joseph Wilson's wife worked for the CIA...CALL Robert Novak (everybody trusts his word) and have him write a story about Mr. Wilson's CIA spouse.
Gee, did we think of this on our own or did the White House tell us?
Then confuse and contort, disassociate and discombobulate, throw curve balls and dirt balls...say this and that, then say that and this...whirling dervishes! Wolves in sheep's clothing!
(The American public could be fooled once again!)
Then hope that the independent prosecutor will heed some subtle warnings and promises to let the White House have their evil ways again.
(But let George cover our butts if anyone gets in big trouble, because Dubya always gets his way when he lies about anything.)
Time for some pretzels!


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