Monday, February 26, 2007


With nearly 70 percent of the American people against this draining and bloody war, along with scores of prominent former high ranking military, diplomats and national security officials, why is Bush so stubborn, ignorant and intending to end his Administration on January 20, 2009 mired in the infamy of the Iraq quagmire? Madness, refusal to admit mistakes and wrongdoing, and the willingness to violate domestic laws and international treaties.

Hold Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney to the rule of the U.S. Constitution. Commence impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives. In the meantime, the public should demand their resignation. Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew resigned for far less "high crimes and misdemeanors." What is at stake here is the global position of the U.S.A. and its own national security.

Ralph Nader


I went to Iraq
Make a big wreck---
I went to Iran
Make Armageddon!
I'm the Decision Maker---
I am the Decider---
I am your Long War President!
I tax the poor and middle class
To make sure the rich get their free pass.
I am your conqueror for two more years---
I am your commander-in-chief of fears!
You'll have to adjust to my new plans of war---
There is this one and a couple hundred more!
Don't get blue---
Don't sniff glue---
Don't start your darn cryin'---
It's just a few more dyin'---
To get my job done---
'Til oil there's none!
No turbaned Taliban---
No Atomic Iran---
Will end my new Way Forward---
To War, Peace and Victory!


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