Monday, February 19, 2007


“The strategy has barely had a chance to begin working.”
Tony Snow
White House Press Secretary
February 18, 2007


After four years of occupation in Iraq, Tony Snow is not describing the Iraq debacle accurately.
It is again the same old BushSpeak ranting the same folderol.
After 500,000+ dead Iraqi civilians and over 3,000 dead American soldiers; after two million Iraqi refugees (and counting); after thousands and thousands of injured American soldiers; after almost $500,000,000 wasted…the “strategy” began its work a long time ago.
It just hasn’t been working.
More TERROR and TERRORISM are in Iraq now than when its dictator held the reins of power.
The "new" Middle East is a more dangerous powder keg now.
Afghanistan is worse than before and after the Long War President invaded it.
The consciousness (not conscience) of the Decision Maker Decider Long War President and Tony Snow (and their brains) remain buried in the sand (sands) of self-delusion and fabrication.
Each continues to say that the job is not done.
Is finishing the job going to produce more and more deaths?
No diplomacy and no political solutions?
A wider war?
There is barely enough time left to end this tragedy and misery.
But there is time to stop it.


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