Tuesday, February 27, 2007


More than just bombs fell today.

The Dow fell 416 points.

I don't have any stocks.

I just know about things like how much I have to pay for milk and eggs and gasoline.

Am I living in a recession or depression?

I really don't know.

If I had millions and millions in stocks I suppose I would know a lot more, and be a lot more concerned.

I do know that China is America's main banker.

The old joke used to be Made in Japan; but Made in China is no joke.

It is a stark fact.

Instead of its happy face, WalMart might as well have one big, yellow five-pointed star and four little ones on a red background.

I worry about how much money the U.S. owes China (and Japan).

What if China closes their banks?

I guess they won't and can't, because we buy so many things from them.

I am also frightened by thoughts I have about the value of the dollar.

Will we soon be pushing dollars in wheelbarrows to buy a gallon of milk?

But in the long run (or the short run), I suppose the health of our planet is a larger thing to worry about.

We don't have to worry about money if there's no food to buy.


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