Sunday, February 18, 2007


I am now required to wear a RFID 24-7 at the high school where I teach.

I must be a danger to my students, because administrators want to know where I am and what I am doing at all times.

When I am reading poetry to my students, my RFID will let administrators know what poems I am reading.

If I leave the school building, the principal can track every movement that I make.

If I show the movie 1984, my principal will already know.

(This film is in the school library, but very few people realize that it contains frontal nudity.

The film is in black and white, not Technicolor.)

The world of George Orwell developed quickly.

Huxley's Brave New World also came about quickly.

Nanotechnology, Robotics, Biogenetics and computers will combine to give us...what?

Miracles or monsters?


Or will any of this ever happen if the world finds itself at war (again), using its newest and most deadly weapons?

Who knows?

All I know is that I am in the bathroom right now, and my RFID is still on.

When will I ever be alone again?


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