Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Richard III was surrounded by soldiers and hacked to death after losing his helmet in battle, analysis of his remains suggests.
Medical scanners were used to establish that the king suffered 11 injuries from enemy soldiers at Bosworth Field in 1485.
The 32-year-old died after two blows to the back of his head – one from a sword and the other from a halberd, a medieval axe-like weapon. 

I’m still very interested in things funny and bizarre, but I’m no longer in the Situation Room.

I’m no longer playing Hardball.

I’m no longer going to the Fair and Balanced station.

I used a font called Mongolian Baiti (batty?) for the words “fair” and “balanced” in deference to FOX NEWS.

All of the other shows that I used to watch are dimly remembered.

 In fact, it’s difficult for me to remember what any of them were called.

Still, I am addicted to keeping up with the news.

(And using italics.)

I just heard that Iran has now rocketed into space a mouse, a monkey, a turtle, and a worm---but not in that order.

No dogs or pigs…

Or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

 But he said that he is ready to go.


In other news, Richard III’s bones have been found.

“The skeleton had 10 wounds, eight of them to the head, clearly inflicted in battle and suggesting the king had lost his helmet. The skull showed a blade had hacked away part of the rear of the skull. A metal fragment was found in the vertebrae.”

But batty FOX NEWS reported that the king died from a butt wound.

That’s very asinine, isn’t it?

But so is FOX NEWS.

And speaking of butts, Michelle Obama’s has been a subject in the news.

I found the attention to this extremity to be a little extreme itself, and again, something that was asinine.

Leave the First Lady’s Gluteus Maximus alone.

It is just fine, and all of you who are so worried about it are the really big butts!













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