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The painkillers that the mice will be laced with include acetaminophen, which is the active ingredient in medicines such as Tylenol.

From US to bomb Guam with dead mice

February 22, 2013 19:58

When I lived on Guam I never saw a brown snake.

I never saw a bird, or heard one singing.


There was a brown snake living under the condemned jungle house where I was living with Tom and LuAnn, but Tom killed that snake. 

He climbed into the avocado tree that grew outside our back door (next to our outside shower), and used his spring-action spear to kill the brown snake.

Luann and I weren’t allowed to watch this serpent get the ax (or rather the spear), because we might spook the snake, so Tom did the killing alone, but I did catch his muscular body perched on one of the large limbs of the avocado tree.

This was in 1981.


Finally, there may be an end to the brown snake, and allow birds to start singing and flying once again.

And the two million brown snakes won’t feel too much pain since the mice they will feast upon contain Tylenol, along with poison.


The brown snake doesn’t look a bit appetizing, and I suppose that’s the reason eating them didn’t catch fire on Guam.


It would be wonderful to return to Guam someday and see birds, and hear their singing.

I hope this program to snuff out the brown snake is a success, and doesn’t bomb.

The only bombing should be in the form of the falling mice.

Poor mice!



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