Friday, February 08, 2013



Should anyone or anything be cloned?

Are drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) good or bad?

Why do some cats (not hip ones) look like Hitler?

No, these are not very important questions.

Perhaps not, but they are questions that are in

the news, or should be more.


First, why would anyone or anything want to be cloned?

Do we need more of anyone or anything?

Maybe water and clean air, but forget everything else.

But we must not forget about the military uses of clones, especially if they are robots, or human hybrids (God forbid!).


And speaking about robots, aren’t these drones that carry cameras and bombs robots?

True, humans must stay in a room, sit at a computer, and put all of those days that they had spent playing video games to good (or bad?) use, guiding these “smart” and pesky drones to their designated targets.

“…but when I became a man, I put away childish things.’

Not really.

The toys just became a lot more lethal.

The hand and eye coordination is now used to kill actual humans, and not just animated, virtual humans.

It might still be fun, but it’s no longer just fun and games.

If these real-time humans can be identified as true-blue terrorists who want to kill you and me, then sure, go ahead, fly these drones, and blow up the terrorists.

Unfortunately, as we all know, other innocents are sometimes killed in the process.

And people will say, “Well, nothing is perfect.”  “Or, in war, bad s**t happens.”  

The drones do save the lives of soldiers who don’t have to be on the real battlefield (wherever it is).

The drones might also decrease the need to have clones.


Oh, and what about cats that look like Hitler?

Who in the heck put this on the Internet?

I would not have known about this item, but it was mentioned on the Craig Ferguson show the other night.

Finally, on a more positive, light---and more colorful note---there is something called the underwear index which says that the economy is going to get better because men now are buying colorful underwear:

"Fashion observers at UK underwear and swimwear site have found that men buy more colourful underwear when the economy is booming, but return to their failsafe white, black and grey when there is a downturn."
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There is always some light at the end of the tunnel...
And colorful underwear!










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