Thursday, October 25, 2007


IT was moving slower than Game 1, much slower, but like a river, it flowed and then it ebbed, and then it moved a little faster.
It was a herky-jerky game, but suspenseful.
Then the flow got faster.
Innings required much less time.
Red Sox pitcher Chilling got the molasses moving, and kept the Rockies stuck with just one run. Chilling did his job.
Then he left the mound, said farewell to the fans, waving in three directions, walking solemnly and slowly to the dugout where he started his retirement.
Schilling was chilling, but Okijima was sizzling with his striking strike-outs.
The Fenway crowd was getting louder and louder, and even louder when Rockies
player Halliday,
who had just made a hit to get to first base, got thrown out three feet from the first base bag. I guess he fell asleep.
The Sox were up to bat again.
Bottom of the eighth.
Score was still Sox 2, Rockies 1.
Inning eight ended and nine began.
The Rockies had their final chance.
The gods needed to make up their minds about who should take home the cake tonight.
Players on both teams were praying.
Which team would have the ears of the deities?
It wasn't the Rockies.

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