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And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower – the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident."
G. W. Bush
President Bush's brother Marvin was a principal at Securacom,
the agency in charge of security at the World Trade Center,
Dulles Airport, and United Airlines.
A large number of stock shares in United Airlines
had changed hands before the attack,
which shows that certain segments of big business
knew to expect the attacks.
How is it possible to have a training
exercise about planes hitting the WTC and then actually have planes
hit the WTC? This kind of thing just does not happen unless it’s
pre-planned. What reason would there be to have this type of exercise
on that morning, I’ll tell you if you are placing fake planes all
over the north American aerospace grid then you have no way of
knowing which planes are real and which are fake. Then to thicken the
plot you put a civilian in charge of NORAD so that the military does
not have the power to initiate the order for jets to be scrambled to
intercept. If the military would have still commanded power over NORAD
they would have scrambled jets because they would have simply
followed the procedures that had been in place for this type of
situation for years and years and scrambled jets.
I was standing in the SCIF (Secure Compartmented Information
Facility), which is basically this underground bunker command post for
USCENTCOM, when the first plane hit. We were watching the fly patterns
of all the planes on the aerospace grid. This contained not only all
commercial flights at the time, but all military flights, and fake
enemy planes that were supposedly put on there for the exercise. Many
of the planes sent to intercept the fake blips were scrambled from
Andrews which is an air defense AFB for the East Coast. They were sent
across the
US and left very few planes to defend the capital. After
the first plane hit the tower we were all in disbelief. After the
initial shock was over, our questions were what are the odds this
could happen for real, during a training exercise that’s covering the
same scenario? We were all at wits end. Then to top all of this off,
Cheney gave NORAD the order to stand down scrambling jets to
intercept. A few moments later tower 2 was hit. Only after the
Pentagon was hit, did he give the orders to scramble the jets to
intercept the plane bound for the White House.
It was announced by President
Bush that Dick Cheney would be heading up operations over NORAD our
North American Aerospace Defense Command. Along with many of my peers,
we were shocked. Over the years, if you research NORAD, it has always
been under the command of a Military officer. It was done this way
because the defense of this country has always been in the hands of
such. Prior to the months before 9-11 this was all of the sudden
changed. Like I said, if you research NORAD and the command structure
you will find that it was imposed long ago that the military should be
in control of the order to scramble planes in the defense of American
air space. For some strange reason, Bush changed this and gave that
power to a civilian person on his Staff team. Yes, I know, very

Bush Saw The FIRST Plane Hit The WTC On TV?

Bush Reveals TOTAL 9.11 Complicity – Says Saw Film of FIRST Attack on WTC:

** Comments show complicit gov't elements had OWN cameras in place to film OWN attack!!!

He simply couldn't keep track of all the 9.11 lies, in the context and according to the time frame in which the public became aware of events on September 11.
What would you think, if you KNEW that someone – never mind who exactly for the moment – had been able to watch – never mind how or where for the moment – videotaped/filmed footage depicting the FIRST jet slamming into the World Trade Center on 9.11, WITHIN minutes of the actual OCCURRENCE of the event?
As one of the few people on Earth who could have SOMEHOW or other seen this footage, which was OBVIOUSLY filmed by parties who KNEW BEFOREHAND the event was "scheduled" to occur, it's a certainty that this person who viewed the film only minutes afterward was COMPLICIT in the horrendous crime that was committed.
What if that person who saw that filmed footage was G.W. Bush?
In the course of comments made in public in Florida on December 4, G.W. Bush revealed that he watched filmed/taped footage of the FIRST jet that crashed into the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11.
No, that's NOT a typo.
Bush has stated as CLEAR AS DAY that around 9 AM on September 11 he watched the FIRST "hijacked" jet slam into the World Trade Center towers on a television set.
There was – OBVIOUSLY – NO such TELEVISED coverage of the first plane to crash into the WTC on 9.11.
But there is surely NO chance that even an idiot of bush's stature could FAIL9 AM – just BEFOREPUBLICLY apprised of by Andrew Card DURING the time he was (trying to) read about rabbits. to distinguish between the first WTC attack around bush had begun (trying) to read about rabbits to Florida schoolkids – and the second one, which bush was
Nope: Even bush himself clearly distinguished between the TIME of the two attacks, when he made the STAGGERINGLY revealing comment about having seen the FIRST attack on TELEVISION.
He therefore DID and DOES fully understand that he had watched the FIRSTBEFORE he began reading. attack on the Trade Center
But bush, OBVIOUSLY, COULD NOT POSSIBLY have watched the event by means of any standard televised news source.

There is only ONE EXPLANATION for this.

Bush – TOTALLY complicit in the horrific events that were unfolding that morning – HAD TO HAVE BEEN watching the perpetrators' OWN VIDEO FEED of the extraordinary treachery which THEY THEMSELVES were unleashing on New York City! This MUST have been transmitted from the perpetrators' OWN VIDEO CAMERAS in place near the World Trade Center.

There is NO other explanation!


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