Wednesday, October 24, 2007


What God lacks is convictions- stability of character. He ought to be a Presbyterian or a Catholic or something- not try to be everything.
Mark Twain

The Supreme Being is a very busy man---
I mean---
As we know---
He is everywhere.
He knows everything.
He has to.
He is God.
He is constantly being thanked by people for getting them what they have gotten in this world.
"I want to thank God for this award.
Without Him I would not have gotten it."

Even baseball players are now making their pitch to God.
The Colorado Rockies are now in the World Series.
Rockies Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Charlie Monfort said,
"I believe God sends signs, and we're seeing those."
That's a sign of a very fast pitch.
Here's another.
Let's call this one a curve or knuckle ball:
Rockies General Manager Dan O'Dowd said:
"You look at some of the moves we made and didn't make. You look at some of the games we're winning. Those aren't just a coincidence.
God has definitely had a hand in this."
Mark Twain wrote this:
Man proposes, but God blocks the game.
[Letter to Jean Clemens

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