Monday, October 15, 2007


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has begun using a new kind of x-ray to search passengers for possible weapons. The radiation-free x-ray, called a "millimeter wave," scans a person's entire body. In the process, it creates a blush-inducingly graphic image of the person being scanned. The TSA blurs the face in scans, and only allows a remote screener to see the final scan.

The millimeter wave is just one of a few kinds of advanced technology (AT) x-rays being tested by the TSA.

AS: Do you want to be patted-down or scanned?

Man: What takes less time?

AS: The scan.

Man: O.K. I'll take the scan.

AS: Mam, do you want a scan or pat-down?

Woman: Will my body show up on your screen?

AS: Yes.

Woman: Everything?

AS: Yes.

Woman: I think I'll take the bus.

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