Monday, October 22, 2007

Q & A

What does it say about the conflict in Iraq when the #2 injury among U.S. troops is mental illness?

This is going to sound insensitive and puerile, but this is a situation of father like son---or rather son like father.

Isn't George W. Bush somewhat mentally ill himself...or at least morally ill?

And aren't we all a little bit wacky at times?

But Bush's War has made our country and soldiers crazy.

The Decider is responsible for the fate of the bodies and minds of our soldiers.

He sure has screwed both up.

Mitt Romney calls the U.N. an "extraordinary failure" while Bill Richardson says it's "necessary and important." Which is it and why?

It is a failure because George W. Bush kicked inspectors out of Iraq (when they were doing an effective job) so that the Decider could begin his horrible war.

The U.N is still important and necessary if nations would put away their war toys and their greed, and help the U.N. do its job.

The NeoCons (like John Bolton) and others have deserted the United Nations.

It has not deserted them.

It's the oil stupid.

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