Monday, October 01, 2007


Bill Clinton appears as if he's running again for president.

Of course HE IS NOT.

It’s his wife who’s running.

Bill is just campaigning for her.

The Sunday News shows show-cased Hillary's gravelly voiced husband.

Bill was effervescent, smiling, and looking very snazzy and natty.

Très beau & muy guapo.

It is quite obvious that the Clintons are the ones that the powers-that-be want back in the White House.

With or without Monica.

With plenty of Big Macs and Pizza.

But it would be painful to have to listen to Hillary's voice, like our own mother's, berating us or others for this, that and other things.

I don't want the Clintons together again in the White House.

Once was enough.

I don't want any more Bushes there either.

I don't want Giuliani there.

Or McCain.

Or Romney.

Maybe Britney Spears.

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