Saturday, July 21, 2007


Poets, anti-war bloggers, Democrats, Liberals, Libertarians, the Left-Wing, the Media, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama…they’re all aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda.

George W. Bush isn’t.

Our Long War President, the Decider, is trying to protect us from the poets, the anti-war bloggers, peace activists, Democrats, Liberals, the Left-Wing, the Media, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama...and


There are more and more terrorists because there are more and more poets, more and more anti-war bloggers and peace activists, more and more Democrats and Liberals, and more and more in the Left-Wing and the Media who are making it easier for us to die at the hands of our ENEMIES by asking the United States to cut and run from the enemies of Freedom and Democracy.

All of these kooks are encouraging the suicide bombers, killers and be-headers to do more bombing, killing and beheading.

The enemies of the Global War on Terrorism and Extremism are right in your own backyard.

You probably work with them.

They're on the highways, at the mall, at the grocery store, in churches, in schools...

These agitators, Neo Communists and Bush haters are allies with the Islamic fascists.

They will never stop their attacks, and neither will Al-Qaeda, the Terrorists, the Radicals and the Extremists.

The Global War on Terrorism is also a war on all of these poets, anti-war bloggers, peace activists, Democrats, Liberals, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Left-Wing and the Media.

It is going to get worse before it gets better.


Now you can have some pretzels and a cold beer.

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