Friday, July 20, 2007


GWB: Dick? This is Dubya.
DC: Hello Mr. President. What's up?
GWB: As you know, I'm going in for my colonoscopy tomorrow.
DC: Yes, Mr. President, I know.
GWB: I hope your pacemaker is working O.K.
DC: Yes, sir, it's working.
GWB: Well, I'll be in the ozone (Cheney is thinking: Where you usually are) for about two hours. Can you handle taking over the reins?
DC: Yes sir. I'm bringing my shotgun just in case I run across any Al-Qaeda.
GWB: Ha, ha, ha Dick. You're getting to be the comedian. Careful. That's my job.
DC: Yes Mr. President.
GWB: Well, Dick, no beer or pretzels for the Decider until the operation is over. Just crackers and water. Like the food you get in prison.
DC: Yes sir.
GWB: O.K. Bye Dick.
DC: Bye Mr. President.

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