Sunday, July 01, 2007


The plan was criticized by some retired military officers embedded in TV studios. But with every advance by our coalition forces, the wisdom of that plan becomes more apparent.

Dick Cheney

You cannot succeed in this effort if you're not willing to recognize the enormous contribution the Iraqis are increasingly making to their own future.

Dick Cheney

Dick here.

I'm safe again in my Bunker.

I'm trying to come up with some strategies to keep Congress off of my back until Iran is no longer on the table.

If you know what I mean?

So far so good.

I've been successful at hiding my secrets and classified data up to now, and I can't see any reason to change course.

Just like Iraq.

Can't and Won't.

No to purge!

Yes to surge!

I may have a bad heart, but I still have a head on top of my shoulders.

Those liberal rascals aren't going to get into my safe or head.

Dick is going to stick to his bag of tricks and his safe of secrets like Gorilla glue on a shoe!

I'm coming out of the bunker and off to do some hunting!


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