Tuesday, July 03, 2007


DC: Mr. President? This is Dick.

GWB: Hi Dick. What's up?

DC: As you know, Scooter is going to go to the slammer soon.

I want you to spring him.


But wait until I return from Kennebunkport.

I've got a bigger fish to fry here.

Lobster, too.

DC: Are you sure?

GWB: Sure about what...the fish or the lobster?

DC: Skip it.

Just make sure Libby doesn't ride his Scooter into prison. Got to remove the cloud that’s above our treasonous heads.

GWB: O.K. Dick.

Don't let your bald head worry about a thing

He’ll get sprung tomorrow.

Main Entry: forgive

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: pardon

Synonyms: absolve, accept apology, acquit, amnesty, clear, commute, condone, efface, exculpate, excuse, exempt, exonerate, extenuate, forget, laugh off*, let off*, let pass*, make allowance, overlook, palliate, pardon, release, relent, remit, reprieve, respite, spring, wink at*

Antonyms: blame, condemn

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