Sunday, July 08, 2007


Why do individuals resort to name-calling and ad hominen attacks on certain issues?
Examples of issues: The Iraq war and the misdeeds and mistakes of the Bush administration.
It is easier to attack than to be reasonable.
There is not as much need (or none) to discuss and debate ideas and viewpoints rationally when one side of a debate delivers emotional and thoughtless attacks.
Perhaps the attacker lacks sufficient knowledge about the issue(s), and consequently must resort to absurd and unfactual attacks.
It is easier to hide behind a wall of affronts than to face head-on the issues and questions.
Vapid verbal volleys eviscerate the process of rational dialogue.
Issues get squashed and squandered.
And mixed metaphors (as above) are needed to describe the inane and ineffectual devices of defamation and ad hominen forays.
Denigration and villification mean that the attacker is uninterested and uncaring about debating and discussing issues reasonably.
Sources and proofs are substituted with abusive verbal assaults.
This war of words that employs emotional denuciation and personal attack is like war itself.
And so it goes.
And goes.
And goes.

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