Sunday, July 29, 2007

Q & A

How should NASA go about restoring its image?


How productive is it for Rudy Giuliani to call the Democrats losers because they want to get out of Iraq?

It is not productive.


Losers are those who deny the reasons we got entangled in this morass.

Losers are those who do not want to take our soldiers out of this morass.

Giuliani is using this ad hominen slam to make him look like the brave-hearted warrior-ruler that he is not.

Rudy has a good model to emulate:

George W. Bush.

Why is Newt Gingrich comparing the Republican presidential field to "pygmies" and trained seals?

Maybe Mr. Gingrich thinks that by comparing Republicans to trained seals and pygmies he will elevate his own status should he join the race to the presidency. But does a newt have enough brain power to make such judgments?

What does it mean if Muslims around the world are increasingly rejecting suicide bombings and Islamic extremism?

It means that the majority of Muslims are good people who reject the terrible things that the radical Muslims are doing. It means that these good Muslims have brains---and souls with a conscience. It would be a very good thing if their mass rejection of suicide bombings and Islamic extremism can reduce the barbarities and alter the course of events in Iraq and the world.

What message does the $592 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad send to the Iraqi people?

Oh, maybe it's not really a message, but a glaring advertisement of U.S. intentions to remain ensconced in Iraq for an undetermined amount of time. Iraqis know that this Embassy has fresh water and electricity while they do not. I imagine it doesn't make them like their occupiers too much. The George W. Palace should be vacated and the troops should be redeployed. Convert this behemoth into a home for Iraq’s orphans.

Is it proper for one of the largest Army bases to hold a single monthly service to honor its dead instead of individual services for each fallen soldier?

Time is money.

The government doesn't want to expend the time and money to hold individual services.

It's a happy meal for everyone at one time.

Our soldiers die one at a time, but we can't honor them so.

Bush doesn't even want to see one coffin let alone hundreds.

Gotta do what you gotta do.

And why should we expect anything else from an administration who didn't provide our soldiers with the equipment needed to escape their funerals, and when they come home in pieces (physically and psychologically) avoids 100% care.

Shameful! Shameful!

Is it time to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the role of White House and Justice Department officials in the firings of the U.S. attorneys?

Yes it's time.

It's also time (and time is running out) to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the lies of Dick Cheney and consorts who fed us this Iraq war monster.

I am fed up with excuses to not hold Bush, Cheney and their pals responsible for this irresponsible and mistaken war. Regardless of whether it is practical or economical to investigate or impeach Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush, it is the morally correct thing to do.

To not is almost treasonous itself.

"I'm as mad as hell,. and I'm not going to take this anymore!!"

Should political campaigns be prohibited from hiring the candidate's spouse?


Hire a mouse. Hire a spouse.

Or hire a louse (well maybe not).

Unless it's against the law, let any candidate's spouse participate in his or her political campaign.

Edwards, Clinton and Obama all seem to be reaping some benefits from the arousal of spousal help.

Is now the time to reduce the number of National Guard troops stationed along the Mexican border?

Absolutely not.

It is the time to keep them there.

And if al-Qaeda is such a threat to America, then there should be money availabe to hire as many border patrol agents as necessary to prevent al-Aaeda, radicals, extremists and evil-doers from coming into the U.S.

The National Guard troops, however, should be here---not in Iraq.

Bush is keeping them in Iraq to kill al-Qaeda, but that means that we have fewer Guardsmen to protect us here.

Under what conditions should the U.S. military enter Pakistan?

I suppose one condition would be if bin Laden is in Pakistan and in the eye of one of our snipers or satellites.

Then ENTER PAKISTAN and bring him to justice.

And that $50,000,000 could go somewhere else.

Of course, like dragon's teeth, more bin Laden clones will replace him.

As long as the U.S. occupies Iraq, many more dragons will continue to spit fire and explode bombs.