Monday, July 30, 2007


GWB: Who's calling?

AG: This is Alberto Gonzales.

GWB: Hello Gonzo, my legal protector and advisor. What's up?

AG: Well, Mr. President, as you know, my butt's hanging out and getting cooked by the Congress and everyone else but you.

GWB: Hang tough, Gonzo, I'm the Urinary Executioner. You're serving at my pleasure, Gonzo, and nobody’s going to touch you.

AG: Thank you Mr. President. But what about a special prosecutor?

GWB: I'm the Decider and I'll fire him!

AG: Yes you will, and I’ll continue to be your attorney general.

GWB: That's the spirit! Now get back on your horse! Keep trotting out Justice!

AG: Thank you Mr. President.

After all, Gonzales’ impeachable offenses are his superiors’. Gonzales took the orders; Bush-Cheney gave the orders. The litany of Bush-Cheney impeachable abuses extends far beyond those associated with Gonzales, foremost among them of course Bush plunging the nation into a bloody, costly war-quagmire on a platform of fabrications, deceptions and cover-ups again and again, year after year. And Gonzales took the orders; Bush-Cheney gave the orders—a more serious basis for a Congressional demand for their resignation or the commencing of impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives.

Compare the many impeachable offenses of Bush-Cheney with the certain impeachment of President Richard K. Nixon that was rendered moot by his resignation in 1974.

Compare the actual impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton by a Republican-controlled House of Representatives in 1998 for lying under oath about sex.
Granted, Nixon became ensnared in the criminal laws and Clinton was caught in the tort laws. But Bush-Cheney’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” tower in scope and diversity over those earlier Presidents.

Instead of a burglary and coverup, as with Nixon, it was the horrific ongoing war (longer than either the Civil War and World War II) with hundreds of thousands of lost lives and many more injuries and sicknesses.

Instead of a sex scandal, as with Clinton, there is a serial constitutional scandal oozing ongoing repeated constitutional crimes. For which alas, there is only one constitutional remedy arranged by the framers -- impeachment.

And that remedy the Democrats took “off the table” after they won the Congress last November and before they even took office. Just what the White House recidivists needed to know to keep at it. What a lesson for future generations.

Ralph Nader
July 29, 2007

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